Mother’s Day Gift to Myself …

… not what you may think. Did I finally cave & decide to purchase that darling pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing? Perhaps I’ve decided to treat myself to that turquoise ring that I’ve secretly marveled over since Christmas? Or did I simply self-indulged in a long overdue mani & pedi at my favorite nail spa?

No, none of those. Rather, I pilfered 35 minutes of just me, my mind & my body against the cardio machine. Panting for air to replenish my depleted lungs and sweating like a heathen on judgement day, I embraced every second of knowing that I was doing everything within my power to prolong my longevity.

Despite every fiber of my being this morning objecting to the idea of gym on Mother’s Day, I did eventually abandon the comforts of my pillow top mattress. So why did I?

After 15 or so minutes of just laying there, half-heartedly trying to blink away the sleep from my eyes I chose to heed the call of the early Sunday alarm because it is clear that the single most precious gift I can give to my loved ones was not something that money can buy.

I can’t control cancer. And I can’t control earthquakes. But what I can control is complications from very preventable illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure. So I revolt against the wear & tear of time in order for me to continue to tend to the needs of those I cherish most on this earth.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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