Healthy Byte: Beauty Virtually

The Laneige Beauty Mirror app borrows the concept from popular picture-editing apps such as China’s “Mei Tu Xiu Xiu”, where users can digitally apply makeup on their faces.

More than just a way of beautifying your photo, the app aims to help you try before you buy, such as in picking the correct shade of BB Cushion to match your skin tone and showing you if a certain shade of lip colour will suit you.

Laneige Beauty 1


The app tracks your movements and expressions in real-time, allowing you to watch as the makeup goes on your face and observe the end result from all angles.

Unlike most picture-editing apps, which make users jump through multiple layers of editing to get to the final point, we found the app pretty easy to use — no Photoshop skills required.

The app is also pre-loaded with complete makeup looks that are trending at the moment, so if you’re a lazy shopper, just pick your favourite look to try. If you like what you see, you can download the list of makeup products used — from Laneige, obviously — and pop into the store to purchase them. For those completely clueless about makeup, you’ll also be happy to know that the app can suggest makeup products that best suits you — it’s like having your own K-beauty Siri.

Laneige Beauty 2


I can see how it’ll help with indecisive shoppers — no more having to go into the store to try on 10 lipsticks at a go.

This app is also great for those who don’t really know what they want and are easily intimidated by shop consultants. Plus, it’s pretty fun to try on so many different looks and share it across multiple social media platforms.


Laneige launched the app together with its new flagship boutique at ION Orchard in Singapore, which is carrying a series of products exclusive to consumers here. One of them that stood out is the Lip Card, a lipstick in a card format that you can carry around with you in your wallet.

Laneige Lip Card1


Available in 20 different shades, the Lip Card works like rouge sheets that women used during the 19th century. All you have to do is fold the card in half and press your lips against it to transfer the colour.

The Lip Card makes for a novel gift because of its super cute packaging. But not all lips are identical so the lip colour doesn’t transfer evenly onto your whole lip and will require you to use your finger to spread it out.

Some clean up is required, but the colour payoff is excellent and the gel texture is great for hydration. At just S$10 ($6.90) for a pack of four, it’s pretty good bang for your buck, especially since you can get more than one application out of each card.

Laneige Lip Card2



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