Healthy Byte: OTF Insider – Embrace YOUR Best


OTF is a little like 80s sitcom, Cheers … where everyone knows your name and celebrate your wins.

I completely understand more than anyone that being the last on the rower to move to the floor maybe intimidating or embarrassing but honestly,

  • Fact #1: Everyone else is huffing & puffing for dear life so more than likely, no one even notices.
  • Fact #2: Not everyone is physically capable of rowing 200m in 30 seconds and that is A-OK.

I’m built like a Weiner dog and have embraced the fact that I am almost always last to finish on the rower. I can only do my best and my best is exactly that – my personal best. I can’t compete with someone who is 6’2″ who was on the college rowing team.

So the moral of OTF is this, don’t be so caught up in the thrill of competing against your neighbor that you quit rowing at 185ish m instead of rowing to the full 200m just to beat them to the floor. OR cut the number of reps on the floor because you feel like you should beat the old lady next to you … she may be the Queen of core exercises.

Instead, be happy with your personal best and keep striving forward towards new goals.

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