2015 7-27 Intro Quote

I have finally decided to pursue my dream of obtaining a Masters degree and I am quite excited! MA in English – Creative Writing in the Non Fiction track. The goal is that by the end of the program I will have made significant progress towards my memoir if not completed entirely.

I am currently on my third class in the program and is suffering through some forced fiction. Instead of letting it go to waste I thought I’d share them here … in the infinite world of the internet.  My hope is to post something every Monday so please check back & enjoy!

Rong Rong Name Stamp

The secret to writing a bestseller…

EXACTLY! The secret to becoming a published author is not about blogging, or Tweeting, or even pimping ourselves endlessly to establish an ‘online presence.’ It is simply about writing!

250 Words or Less

This is a test of what 250 words looks like. When I visit a blog or reading an online story, I personally find a ‘wall of text’ greeting me a bit daunting to tackle – especially when I am short on time. And let’s face it, time is a scarce commodity these days and most of us can’t seem to cram enough hours in a given day. With the popularity of mini blogging (Twitter) or for the more visual folks, Pinterest, I think keeping a blog entry intentionally restrained will complement the heavy taxed modern lifestyle better.

As with anything, more is not necessarily better. As I peruse a wide variety of news stories daily, I find myself to be quite the fickle and selective reader. If an author / journalist don’t grab me within the first few sentences I tend not to continue reading, especially if it is a particularly long piece. However, even if the story fails to command my undivided attention immediately if it is a shorter piece I tend to punch through it and finish reading.

Sadly it seems that it isn’t really a matter of one story was more enticing or more entertaining than the other; it is just a matter of sheer convenience and time available. So has the vast amount of information at our fingertips become an added demand for our attention? Or has the massive influence of social media made us more impatient – feeding the instant gratification monster that defines a generation?