Healthy Byte: Back to Basics

Trimming the fat — that’s what fitness is all about. But taking the very notion of slimming things down and applying it to all aspects of your life can be equally as difficult, and equally as satisfying, as becoming more fit and muscular. Imagine if you could trim the proverbial fat from your workday, commute, or any other number of responsibilities? Chances are, you’d reclaim a good amount of time, and be a lot happier.

When it comes to building muscle, or at least building yourself a strong foundation, you can definitely trim some of the fat from your workout. For the uninitiated, playing the architect and devising a fitness routine can be difficult — so difficult that we’ve trimmed things down to five simple exercises that can get you started on the path to success. Naturally, there are many others that can be thrown into the mix as well, but when we truly get to the core of a routine, these five can be essential.

1. Squats

A man doing squats